Matt Brazil's caption of airport staff making a snowman

Sometimes it takes a “big happening” to wake you up to what you’re living. In my case, it was the chaos generated by the snowy weather we had last month. The airport was suddenly turned into a shelter home where stranded passengers, in larger numbers than the usual, slept and sat everywhere! There simple wasn’t enough space for that vast amount of people. I thought it was really funny when Easy Jet had to give up their crew room to accommodate some ¬†passengers since they’re so precious about that space anyway.

On one of these snowy mornings, at an insanely early hour, walking my way up to the airport -because it was physically impossible for my taxi to access the drop off point- I started thinking about all the things I’ve been through since I work here. Those tales would make a great blog, I thought to myself… and that’s how this blog came to be.

So, just like the accumulation of tiny snowflakes resulted in a thick white snow cloak that enhanced the usually boring and not-very-attractive airport surroundings, the following collection of stories is meant to form a mosaic of what it’s like to work somewhere where it’s never quiet.


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