She’s shorter than I thought


Here’s another old story… I couldn’t resist posting it, I’ve suddenly it remember while listening to her only album.

Once upon a time at the airport, there was a PSA walking back to her office, all by herself [I can’t really keep up with the 3rd person business…that PSA was me!]. Now, there’s definitely a feeling of “us vs. them” whenever you’re in the departure lounge. It’s something that you inherit from whoever mentors you during your first weeks at the airport… so, with this stupid notion in my system I did what any other airport staff member would have done in my situation: walk very fast, looking busy, which works 7 out of 10 times. Of course this wasn’t 7 of those 10 times and on my race to ‘the other side’ I got stopped by a passenger. A woman, who asked me the gate number for the Galway flight. She looked very familiar and for a moment I wondered if she was a frequent flyer or a regular in one of my favorite clubs. The truth hit me after walking up to a screen to learn her flight was leaving from gate 3: that lady was Kate Nash!

I faced a dilemma: I could either thank her for her creativity and funny tunes, confessing how much I like them or simply tell her her gate number and point her in the right direction, in the nicest possible way of course, that’s what my job is about. I went for option two. If I’d been a guy I’d probably would have walked her all the way to the gate, which is what my ‘mate’ Martin told me he would have done. The thing is that I was going back to the office because it was the end of my shift, and that is one sacred moment you don’t wanna miss.


2 Responses to “She’s shorter than I thought”

  1. 1 Atul Rana

    That’s a funny post, nice idea for a blog too btw. Celebrities always seem shorter in real life; I guess it is all those camera angles and perceived worth that make them seem bigger than they are. Imagine my disappointment when I saw a photo of Katy Perry standing next to Russell Brand in a shot, she is tiny!

  2. Nice story!! I’m not sure that I would have thanked her myself but why didn’t you? Perhaps it would have made her day!! Lol!!

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