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Here’s another old story… I couldn’t resist posting it, I’ve suddenly it remember while listening to her only album. Once upon a time at the airport, there was a PSA walking back to her office, all by herself [I can’t really keep up with the 3rd person business…that PSA was me!]. Now, there’s definitely a […]

Today was actually a good day. My day has been busy but it wasn’t harder than the average busy day. We all came into work expecting chaos and large waves of angry passengers. We got good management instead, that was a nice change. I think we’re all used to the snow now: passengers know they’re […]



Sometimes it takes a “big happening” to wake you up to what you’re living. In my case, it was the chaos generated by the snowy weather we had last month. The airport was suddenly turned into a shelter home where stranded passengers, in larger numbers than the usual, slept and sat everywhere! There simple wasn’t […]